Doctors Insist Twins Won’t Survive Birth, But Mom Sure Them Wrong

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Doctors Insist Twins Won’t Survive Birth, But Mom Demands Cervical Stitch To Prove Them Wrong

Sometimes it’s important to follow your instincts and do your own research!

Terry-Ann Tunks from Queensland, Australia, was devastated after losing her first baby boy, Tai, 22 weeks into her pregnancy.

A year later, she was pregnant again with identical twin girls. Terry-Ann and her partner, Cameron Pollard, were over the moon! But at 16 weeks, doctors noticed that her cervix was weakening. They warned the first-time parents that their twins would likely not survive.

But Terry-Ann refused to give up hope. Thanks to her own research, she discovered (and demanded) a procedure called a cervical stitch. It took some convincing, but two weeks later, her doctors finally agreed to give her the stitch. Terry-Ann went on to defy the odds and carry her twins until 26 weeks and four days!

“The stitch saved my girls, and I know without it they wouldn’t have survived,” Terry-Ann said. “I would encourage moms to always push for the treatment they need.”

Cadence and Tori weighed less than two pounds at birth and were unable to breathe on their own due to an infection. Miraculously, after 12 weeks in the hospital, these beautiful girls are now happy, healthy, and at home with their family, where they belong!

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