Doctors Give Explanation As To Why This Baby Has White Hair

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The parents of baby Bence were completely shocked and concerned when he was born with hair that is white as snow.

They initially thought that he might have been suffering from albinism, which is a congenital condition that robs off a person the pigment that gives color to their eyes, skin, and hair.

He was born in Hungary last year, and Doctors done tests to figure out the cause. Fortunately, the doctors proved that it was not albinism by administering blood samples and studying them.

After a few days, Bence’s parents were relieved to hear that Bence was a healthy child.

The doctors said that the whiteness of Bence’s hair could actually be a results of a temporary pigmentation disorder as opposed to that of albinism.

Doctors say that people born with this condition – their hair and skin darken over time as they grow up and is not permanent.

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