Distraught Mother Drops Off 2 Children At Phoenix Fire Station

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Fire Crews at Phoenix Fire Station 22 responded to an unusual emergency when a young mother showed up on their doorstep this week.

“When I approached her and asked how we can assist her, she said she was here to hand over her children,” said Elliot Simmons.

Simmons had met the woman before. He was one of the firefighters who responded to her home last year when another one of her children, a baby, suddenly passed away.

The Safe Baby Haven law allows for people to drop off unwanted newborns, but this was a different situation.

The firefighters came up with a rescue plan.

No judgment, no, nothing like that. We don’t try to get into people’s business or justification for what’s going on,” said Ben Lindquist.

The crew made some phone calls, and brought in the resources to find a safe home for the children and a place to care for the mother.

She struck me as somebody like you and me. She wasn’t in any crazy circumstance. She just had some hard times and was dealing with some things and wanted what was best for her kids,” explained Lindquist. “It’s not a crime. They’re not going to be dealt with by police or put in jail. They’re going to get the help that they need.”

Fire officials say that the mother is now getting the treatment she needs and with the help of the Arizona Department of Child Safety, the children were placed with family members.

They encourage parents who cannot care for their kids to reach out for help.


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