Deaths Of Toddler Siblings Deemed Homicides

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The deaths of two toddler siblings in New York City on Sunday have been ruled homicides by a medical examiner, reports CBS New York.

3-year-old Micah Gee and his 2-year-old sister Olivia died from blunt force trauma to the torso and Investigators are currently working to determine the cause of the children’s fatal injuries.

Sources say their mother, Jade Spencer, told police that the toddlers went to bed before her boyfriend got to their Bronx apartment around 9:30 p.m. on Sunday.

She reportedly said that they smoked marijuana, drank beer and watched a movie before falling asleep.

She said the boyfriend, 31-year-old Novell Jordan, told her something was wrong with the children at around 1:15 a.m. Monday.

Both toddlers had severe asthma and the mother said Micah was having trouble breathing.

Olivia was unresponsive and both had injuries to their necks.

Spencer called 911 and the toddlers were taken to a hospital, where they were later pronounced dead – Olivia reportedly just three minutes before her brother.

The simultaneous deaths raised immediate suspicions and were confirmed amongst investigators who saw bruising on their bodies. They were skeptical the children had died of natural causes.

“They’re defenseless,” neighbor Edith Brown Bryant told CBS New York. “There’s nothing they could do to hurt you. Why would you want to hurt them?”

Both Spencer and Jordan were questioned by police on Monday.

Spencer was taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

Jordan has retained an attorney and police are now consulting with the Bronx District Attorney as to how to proceed with the case.

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