Deaf Paedophile Who Raped A Young Girl Has His Jail Term Slashed By Judges After Claiming Prison Is ‘isolating’ Because He Can’t Watch Television

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Deaf paedophile who raped a young girl has his jail term slashed by judges after claiming prison is ‘isolating’ because he can’t watch television

A deaf paedophile who raped a young girl has had his jail term shorten by judges after claiming prison is ‘isolating’.
51 years old Gamal Demian, Egyptian, who is also mute, claims he can not watch television or communicate with other inmates.
He was sentenced to 20 years after raping and sexually assaulting a string of girls, with the smallest child as young as eight.

Egyptian national Gamal Demian, 51, pictured, who is also mute, claims he can not watch television or communicate with other inmates

But, after hearing that he was struggling with life behind bars, appeal judges slashed the term to 18 years.
According to The Sun, Judith Benson, his barrister, said: ‘His isolation because of his deafness within the prison is increased in comparison to an ordinary prisoner.
Judith continued ‘He is unable to watch TV or partake in any other media of that sort. His life essentially consists of a period of time in workshops where he is able to have minimal communication.’
‘Save for that, he has no means of communication or passing time.’ He concluded.

Millionaire Opens Doors of Home to 70 Orphans Left Stranded by Hurricane

When Hurricane Irma hit Florida, many in the area were forced to evacuate and seek safety. For a non-profit that houses orphans such as the SOS Children’s Village, that meant the kids were left to sleep in cars or fend for themselves.
Marc Bell, millionaire and board member at the organization, got a call informing him of the situation. Without a second thought, he told the organizers to bring the kids to his house.
Marc and his wife, Jennifer, knew that the 27,000-square-foot mansion had more than enough room for the 70 kids. The couple was only supposed to house the kids for a few hours, and they thought it’d be no big deal.

Marc said “They were hungry. They were tired”. He continued “They lived in the gymnasium for a week. They hadn’t showered for a week and you saw how excited they were.”
For three days, the kids were still there and Marc and Jennifer were having the time of their lives. Their mansion was full of life and laughter — much of it coming from the homeowners themselves.

They ordered food and desserts, as well as entertainment for the younger kids. For these orphans, who have likely never experienced the lavish lifestyle that the Bells take for granted, it was a true fantasy.

Jennifer told People “We did birthdays for all of the kids because some had birthdays that week.” She said “On the last night there was this one little boy [who had a birthday] and I said, ‘Make a wish.’ He pulled me down and he said, ‘I just want my mommy to come home.’ ”
When the power came back on and it was time for the kids to go back to SOS Children’s Villages, Jennifer and Marc didn’t stop their charitable efforts. They started a GoFundMe page to help get the children food and clothes, and chipped in their own money for something a little more special.

Some of the girls wanted Hello Kitty cars, and Jennifer followed through with a massive stack of the toys and surprised the kids on their last day.
“All of the sudden you see all of these young kids all coming out on the cars driving with such joy in their faces,” Jennifer reported. “The surprise was amazing.”
This act of charity had clearly as much of an effect on Marc and Jennifer as it did on the lives of the kids they helped. Jennifer said, “I think it made us smile more than it made the kids smile,” confirmed as much.
Jennifer plans to continue her work with the SOS Children’s Village. She’s collecting Xbox’s and Wii’s for some of the older kids, and planning an ice cream party for the girls and a pool party for the rest.
She explaineed “Anyone can write a check, but when you go the Village, you see it,” she said. “It touched their hearts to see the kids so happy.”

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