Daycare Staff Arrested In Child Abuse Case

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A Phoenix Daycare center Director and an employee there, were arrested, after a little boy was scratched with a broom.

Phoenix Police say that staff at Brighter Angels Daycare Center at first said the little boy was hurt when he fell and that he was subsequently treated and released from the hospital.

 However, police said that the hospital got back in touch with the boy’s mother. Sgt. Mercedes Fortune with the Phoenix Police said “She was asked to bring the baby back,” and that “Medical personnel were concerned the baby’s injuries were not consistent with what was being told to them.”

The boy had apparently suffered lacerations and cuts, and it is believed that the injuries came from being scratched with the bottom of a broom,  which was allegedly handled by Lillie Adams.

The 37-year-old woman was then arrested for alleged Child Abuse and the director of the daycare has also been arrested for failing to report the alleged abuse.

Naturally, some parents are taking their kids out of the daycare center.

Catherine Masters, a woman who was helping her sister take her kids out of the daycare said “They need to be put behind bars,” She added that “It is unacceptable. They have no business hitting someone else’s child, and they know better”


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