Dad Saves Son From Getting Knocked Out By Flying Baseball Bat

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A Spring training game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Atlanta Braves, has led to instant fame for a quick-thinking Dad.

Pirates outfielder Danny Ortiz lost control when swinging his bat, which led to it dashing toward a boy who was staring down at his cell phone, apparently texting his Mom. The quick-thinking Dad who was sitting next to his son, stuck out his left arm and managed to deflect the bat.

It all happened in a matter of seconds but photographer Christopher Horner released two photos on Twitter which shows the violent force of the bat and just how badly it could have ended!


Now this is what you call a close call but luckily it was only the Dad’s forearm which got hit by the bat.

Every boy thinks he’s Dad is a hero but this little lad now has proof that he’s Dad is a real live action hero!

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  1. Johnny S. Cantrell

    June 3, 2016 at 12:06 pm

    A great father. Thanks for sharing

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