Dad Loses 9-Month-Old Twins In Syrian Chemical Attack

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A heartbreaking image of Abdel Hameed al-Youssef sitting in a car, cradling his 9-month-old twins is making headlines all over the world.

Their lifeless faces are shown as victims of a chemical attack in Syria on Tuesday which took the lives at least 72 civilians. At least 20 of those victims were children, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

I was right beside them. I took them outside with their mother,” al-Youssef, 29, told The Associated Press. “They were conscious, but 10 minutes later, we could smell [the gas], and my children couldn’t handle it anymore. I left them to the medics and went to find my family.”

He said that he lost other family members in the horrific attack, which was just 1 in a series of chemical attacks in Syria.

My brother Yasser is dead. I couldn’t save him. So is my brother Abdel Kareem. My nephew Yasser Mohammad, I couldn’t save. Ammar my nephew, I couldn’t save. Shaimaa my niece, I couldn’t save. My sister-in-law, they all died. Two of our workers, 11 of another family died in their own land. Khaled and his wife, Abounajib, his wife, and his daughter,” al-Youssef told the AP.

This is not the only family suffering.According to news reports, an entire family was found dead in a shelter, killed by the gas.

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