The Creative Way This Hospital Is Giving Kids Safety Training

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Students at Miami University are building a virtual “game” for Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital – and it’s not what you think.

According to Dr. Eric Hodgsen, Professor at Miami University, Gaming has really taken a new form. Game technology and theory is now being used to do things a little bit more serious than a “game” and this is exactly what they are doing for the pre-natal intensive care ward at the Children’s Hospital.

The hospital needed a detailed evacuation plan and they turned to the latest in video gaming to serve this purpose. The students at Miami University are now building virtual plan of the hospital, whereby hospital staff will take the training using a vizor glasses which will allow them to see virtually 360 degrees around them.

They will then be prompted to answer questions and pick up items needed when evacuating. They will be asked questions like “what exit must you take when evacuating infants?” and “what medication do you need to take along for each patient”. If they answer wrong, the game will also have the ability to answer and give feedback.

A student working on the game, Brian Neibecker, says that “with (the) game, you get to bring a world that doesn’t really exist. You get to bring it to life in a way,”

Another student working on the game, Lauren Mckenzie says “we are trying to make it as real as possible”

The video gaming evacuation training is just one constituent of the full training plan.

A training video is also available and within a few weeks, an actual drill where staff will perform a mock evacuation of a unit at the hospital.

Of the three methods above, Researchers will compare which one is the most effective way of training.

You can watch the full report here by WLWT:

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