Couple Fight Off Baby’s Kidnapper

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What would you do if you turned away for a second and a stranger reached out to your baby?

This is what happened to a family in Philadelphia. It was just within a few seconds, when a man entered a Dunkin Donuts store, and suddenly reached toward a baby in a stroller.

Surveillance video footage from the Center City coffee shop showed the suspect beginning to grab a young child out of a stroller! The parents of the baby quickly reacted, fighting off a man before he ran out of the shop.

The baby’s mother quickly pushed the stroller out of the shop while the father began exchanging words with the would-be abductor.

The couple left before another customer called 911. When police arrived at the Dunkin’ Donuts, officers found the suspect and he was later taken into custody.

In an unusual twist, police have released the video seeking the identity of the couple. Police say the couple was long gone by the time they responded to another customer’s call about the attempted snatching, and the police are looking to get in contact with them.

The Special Victims Unit released a video from inside the store showing the entire ordeal. The faces of the adults with the child are deliberately blurred, however police said they hope to hear from them.

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