Controversy Sparked When California Mom Shares Article Of Sleep Training Her Baby

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Mother Of Two Pays Someone To Sleep Train Her 3-Month-Old  While She And Her Husband Go On A Holiday

34-year-old Katy Landrum from Los Angeles recently explained in an online article for Redbook magazine her decision to hire a professional to sleep train her 3 month old infant, Bo, while she went on a one night getaway with her husband.

In that article she wrote:

At $30 an hour, the decision to bring in a professional to manage the process seemed like a ‘no-brainer.

Landrum said she planned a getaway to a spa and resort because “I didn’t want to be in earshot of Bo’s weeping.

Sleep training refers to a variety of techniques used to teach infants to sleep for longer stretches at night.

Landrum said at first she was apprehensive about sleep training but decided to hire sleep training help for Bo at around 3 months of age after a close friend inspired her with her own positive experience with sleep training.

Landrum’s article on Redbook has been shared thousands of times and received mixed reactions.

Some of the commentors on the article said

This is so selfish;”

“If a woman doesn’t have time to be a parent … then she shouldn’t have kids.”

Other commenters in Landrum’s defense said

 “It helped put him on a schedule…”

“I’m all for making home life happy and rested for both parents.”

Landrum responded to the feedback by saying “I know that it’s controversial for people to sleep train but for me being a working mom of two it was just something that I felt strongly about.”

Landrum has called hiring a sleep trainer “the best money I’ve ever spent.”

In the Redbook article she said that with the sleep training expert’s help, Bo began sleeping through the night.

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