This Common Habit May Damage Your Teeth as Badly as Meth

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Do you know that soda is more likely to harm your teeth as bad as methamphetamine?

Among the factors mentioned above, this is the most common yet the most neglected habit globally. According to an update by the World Atlas last August 2016, Latin America was the highest rate of soda consumption all over the world; Argentina is the highest with 155 liters per capita and followed by the USA with 154 liters per capita.

Methamphetamine vs. Acidic carbonated beverages

In a research conducted by Bassiouny, Mohamed A. last 2012, he found out that these two substances can cause the same damage to the teeth. Although these acidic carbonated beverages, commonly called as soda, do not contain the illicit drug, methamphetamine, it still contains citric acid which can cause dental erosion. T

he citric acid dissolves the crystals and minerals in our teeth, which can lead to softening or losing the surface of the tooth.

Effect of soda to the teeth

 Tooth decay and gaps. By neglecting the proper oral hygiene, soda can cause tooth decay. Tooth decay can change the shape of the teeth, causing the gaps between them to increase. Because these gaps are caused by tooth decay, there’s a possibility that it won’t close itself, thus, the need for gap teeth bands.

Discoloration of the teeth. The yellowish part of the teeth is the dentin. This is exposed once the white enamel is eroded from the teeth due to excessive exposure to acid. As the soda intake intensifies, the yellowish dentin will become brownish. This non-enzymatic browning of the dentin is called the Maillard reaction.

Increased teeth sensitivity. Losing the tooth enamel also causes sensitivity of the teeth to hot and cold foods. This is because of the dentin, a microscopic tubule, consists of nerve endings.

How to treat damaged teeth?

Damaged teeth can still be restored depending on the severity.

  • To slow down the tooth decay, dentists will apply a concentrated fluoride.
  • In severe cases, the teeth will be pulled and will be replaced by a denture.
  • For gaps in between, gap teeth bands can help. Aside from that, braces, veneers, and frenectomy are also highly suggested by dentists.

To avoid all these dental issues, the most important thing to do is to limit the soda consumption and make sure to dilute the acid by drinking plenty of water afterward.

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