Clothing Store Bans Children Under 7 From Entering

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Shopping with kids isn’t fun at all.

It’s not easy to focus on looking for that perfect dress while your child is constantly telling you how bored and hungry they are.

However, sometimes we don’t have a choice – especially when you’re shopping for your kid. Thrift shops and consignment stores are sometimes a great place for parents to buy quality used clothes for their children, but it’s nice to bring them along so you can ensure the sizing is correct.

A popular clothing store in Fargo, N.D. is creating a bit of controversy after they posted a sign banning any child under the age of 7 in their stores!

Kalene Krebs was with her son when she noticed a very interesting sign posted outside of second hand clothing store Plato’s Closet in Fargo, N.D.

The sign said, “Children under 7 years old are not allowed in the store. Thank you for understanding.” Krebs, who took a picture of the sign, was very confused.

I’ve never heard of a store banning children. I was with a friend and my son, so I had my friend go into the store to ask why they didn’t allow children,” she told KHOU News.

“They said they’ve had some horror stories of children running around wildly, hiding in racks of clothes, etc,”
Krebs said after asking for an explanation for the sign.

After asking what she was supposed to do if she wanted to shop, they told her, her son would be allowed in the store as long as she held his hand at all times.

We went in for a couple of minutes before we decided it was an absolutely ridiculous rule and left. I’m not going to support a business that doesn’t allow children in their doors and I’m sure many people would agree,” Krebs said.

After news of the ban went public, people were split on how they felt about it. Some could see the side of the store, accusing too many parents of letting their kids do whatever they want and not watching them, while others were clear this store would no longer be getting their business.

Owner Dean Clark and his wife said they’ve had many instances with poorly behaved children in their store they felt no choice but to put up the sign.

Clark’s wife even said they’ve called the Police due to the poor behavior of some kids in their store.

The store is actually legally allowed to ban children so it’s up to parents (and others for that matter) to decide if they want to shop and support the store.

Would you still shop there?



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