Chrissy Teigen Says She Spent 10 Minutes Scrutinising This Photo of Her Daughter Before Posting

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Chrissy Teigen has honestly been one of the most open celeb when it comes to parenting struggles and dealing with the mom shamers.

Teigen has been outspoken about her battle with postpartum depression and Its refreshing to see a mom who is so much in the limelight really step out of it to let everyone know that she’s one of us.

After Kim Kardashian recently posted a car seat picture on social media where her child wasn’t secured properly, Teigen says that she was a bit worried about posting one of her daughter Luna, for some very important reasons.

Huffpost Parents says that 95% of parents install their kids car seats wrong – that’s a lot!

The study stated that, “Only 5% of families installed their car seats and positioned their newborns with no major mistakes in a recent study of nearly 300 parents, just over half of whom had older children. Worse, about one half the families who made mistakes actually had at least 5 or more errors in their installation or infant positioning. Just one in five families managed to make a single mistake.”

So when you look at celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Price William who have been highlighted as installing car seats incorrectly, it shows that we could all use a refresher and that many of us make mistakes.

Online car seat safety advocates have no problem bashing a parent whenever they post a picture that’s wrong. It can happen to the best of us and yes, it is humiliating, but important at the same time.

Teigen, like any mom took a snap of her daughter and wanted to share it with the world.  Luna was in her car seat and she was unsure if she should even post the picture because of what might be to come. But, she decided to go for it anyway.

One person on twitter replied to the photo, teasing about her bravery for posting it to begin with. She responded with, “Oh trust me, I looked at that chest plate for 10 minutes before posting!”

Teigan was worried about the backlash she might receive and of course there’s always someone to point out a celebs mistake.

It’s still to low. “CHEST” piece, should be armpit level.

— Rebecca Thompson (@smilesarepink) July 25, 2017

Because it’s the internet and you can’t  just share anything without some kind of issue, people still took issue with the placement of the car seat chest piece.

What do you think about all this Mom-shaming going on?

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