Children Kept As Wives Of Alleged Pedophile, Lee Kaplen, Had Lyme Disease

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Lee Kaplan, a self-described ‘prophet,’ is currently on trial for allegedly raping and sexually assaulting 6 sisters while they lived in his home during a five-year period before his arrest last year.

The trial began on Wednesday, during which it was learned that the girls’ parents agreed to give at least 1 daughter to him.

The mother of the six girls said she knew about the sexual activity but believed it ‘could be a good thing’.

A Bucks County Children and Youth supervisor, Stacy Roach, testified that after Kaplan’s arrest, the girls were taken to a doctor for the first time in their lives.

Doctors diagnosed 3 of the girls with Lyme disease while five of the girls needed to have a number of teeth removed.

‘They had to be shown a video of how to wash long hair,‘ Roach said.

It was obvious with the amount of dental work they needed that they probably didn’t brush their teeth.‘ she added.

After Kaplan’ was arrested the girls were put into foster care. They were enrolled in an online school and now have Social Security numbers and birth certificates.

Authorities say that the man fathered two children with one of the girls, who they allege had been ‘gifted’ to him by her parents because he helped them financially.

Police arrested Kaplan at his home in June 2016 after receiving a complaint about the health and safety of numerous children in the home.

A total of 11 girls were found living there, after the arrest.

Kaplan allegedly admitted that he fathered the two youngest children – a 3-year-old and a 10-month-old – with the oldest girl, who was 18 at the time.

The three other girls living at the home were the daughters of a Lancaster County couple who had broken away from the Amish community.

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