Child Rapist And Killer Has Boiling Water Poured On Groin In Jail

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Child Rapist And Killer Has Boiling Water Poured On Groin In Jail

The man who admitted to raping and murdering six-year-old Kylie Maybury has had boiling water poured on his groin in prison.

Gregory Keith Davies, 74, spent 32 years a free man after raping and murdering Kylie in Preston on Melbourne Cup Day in 1984.

He was only arrested on June 9 last year and has been in custody since.

Davies’ defence lawyer David Gibson appeared in the Supreme Court of Victoria today asking for an extension of time before the retiree’s plea hearing and sentence.

Kylie, left, was raped and murdered before being dumped in a ditch by Gregory Davies, right, in 1984.
Davies, who is still being treated and is in “extreme discomfort”, did not appear in court.

Mr Gibson told the court Davies had been attacked at Port Phillip Prison in July and transferred to the Alfred Hospital until August 16.

Mr Gibson said Davies had suffered burns to 15 percent of his body.

He said Davies was still being treated for his injuries in custody and had only just got back onto his feet to be able to walk.

Davies’ pleaded guilty to killing Kylie after initially telling detectives he was innocent. (Supplied)

Gregory Keith Davies arrives in a prison van at the Melbourne Supreme Court earlier this year.
“He is in extreme discomfort, he’s had skin grafts to 15 percent of his body. Those grafts are now tightening up and causing him considerable pain,” Mr Gibson said.

It is not expected that charges will be laid over the attack.

He sought an adjournment for a psychiatric assessment to be ordered and to find out what happened in the attack.

Crown prosecutor Mark Rochford argued the psychiatric report should be subpoenaed and the date not delayed.

He said Kylie’s family had already bought flights to Melbourne for the plea hearing, which was due to take place on September 21, and should not be inconvenienced.

Justice Lex Lasry said he couldn’t refuse an adjournment in the circumstances.

Detectives combed the scene near where Kylie’s body was discovered a day after she was killed.
Kylie, a Year 1 student, had walked a short distance to the shops in 1984 to buy sugar for her mother and never returned.

Her body was found in a gutter the next day. She had been raped and suffocated, and had Valium in her system.

A forensic analysis found semen on her underpants, trousers and genitals and police were able to extract a DNA profile, but this was not matched to Davies until 2016.

The retiree admitted to the November 6, 1984 sexual assault and murder in May last year on what was supposed to be the first day of his pre-trial committal hearing at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court.

A massive hunt for Kylie’s killer started after she was found dead in the ditch.

Mystery surrounded the death of Kylie for 32 years until DNA from semen found on Kylie’s clothes matched Davies’.
His guilty plea ended a three-decades-long mystery.


* November 6, 1984 – Kylie and her mum visit their neighbour Lorna Simpson on Melbourne Cup day and Kylie is sent to a nearby shop to buy sugar.

Kylie leaves the shop with the sugar but never makes it home. The alarm is raised and a search ensues.

* November 7, 1984 – Police find the little girl’s body dumped in a gutter in Preston in the early hours of the morning.

* Late November, 1984 – An anonymous caller tells police a white Holden Kingswood station wagon was involved in Kylie’s death.

* 1985 – Police announce a $50,000 reward for information. It’s later increased to $1 million.

* May 1997 – A second anonymous caller nominates a person of interest, police say, without disclosing the name.

* February 2001 – Convicted child killer Robert Lowe, who is serving a life sentence for the murder of another six-year-old, is DNA tested but cleared as the prime suspect in Kylie’s murder.

* June 2016 – Gregory Keith Davies, 73, is arrested at his Waterford Park home and charged with the rape and murder of Kylie.

* May 29, 2017 – Davies pleads guilty to both charges. Another charge was withdrawn by prosecutors.

* September 6, 2017 – Davies’ lawyer appears in the Supreme Court of Victoria where the judge hears the 74-year-old has had boiling water poured in his groin.

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