Child Car Seats Stolen From Mom’s Car

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A mother from Spokane is searching for answers after someone swiped two child seats out of her car.

What on earth would the thief do with them?

Several different thrift shops and resale shops were contacted in the area and we learned they don’t stock child seats for resale because of safety concerns.

Elyssa Schuller was up early to head off to work and to take her two children to school when she noticed the seats were missing.

Elyssa didn’t know how she was going to safely take her children to school and the car seats aren’t cheap either – they cost $200.00 a piece.

She says that she can’t wrap her head around someone just taking them.

I hope who ever took them needed them more than I did,” Elyssa said.

Thankfully for Elyssa the daycare where her kids attend and her mother stepped in to help her.

“They gave me a booster for my daughter and then I have an old car seat that I kept at my mom’s for back-up.”

While everything is temporarily taken care of Elyssa is just frustrated by this.

I had to get to work I mean worked hard for those I bought really nice ones,” Elyssa added.

Not too long ago, we reported about a Mother who’s stroller got stolen:

Lauren Collazo of Miami, Flordia was visiting Hollywood Studios in Disney World and just like all moms do, she parked her Bugaboo stroller at one of the stroller parking areas before she got on a ride. When the Mom returned, it was nowhere to be seen.

I was there with no money, stranded,” she said. “My husband had to fly over from Miami that same day, catch the first flight available to rescue me and my family.” She said.

Along with the stroller, her money, wallet, car keys and niece’s Epipen were all in the stolen stroller.

Disney security tried their best to help out and went over surveillance videos and found a woman who walked away with the stroller and now pushing her own daughter in it.

Collazo and her husband then took to Facebook to share the screen shots to see if friends and family could help track the woman and the missing stroller down.…on Facebook!

Then, it turns out Thalia Rogers, a mom from Texas purchased the stroller for $500 from a Facebook group, but it was never delivered.

“[The thief] somehow, I guess, found the post that Lauren had posted, and I don’t know if she freaked out or what happened, and she called us and said send it back to her. So, I didn’t even get the stroller,” Rogers explained.

A request was made to UPS to return since it was already in transit, however, the stroller never arrived – but, her payment was already made.

A woman by the name of Michelle Craig, who is allegedly the woman in the photos is actively being investigated for selling the stroller online and other luxury stroller thefts at Disney, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said.

It’s probably a good idea to keep your stroller close the next time you visit Disney World! But clearly, car seats are now also at risk!


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