Child Abuse Charges For Mom In Crash That Killed Toddler

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The Mother of a Toddler who died when a minivan with no child safety seats crashed on the city’s north side, has been charged

Police in Kalamazoo said that Minion Clopton had three kids in the car with her that day, all under the age of 3, and she had no car seats for them.

Kalamazoo District Court Judge Richard Santoni has authorized the charges against Clopton, as well as other charges against the driver of the second vehicle involved in the crash – Shaniqua Defrance.

The arrest warrants against Clopton highlight two counts of third-degree child abuse, a felony charge which carries a maximum sentence of two years in prison.

Clopton was also charged with a single count of fourth-degree child abuse, a misdemeanor, in regard to the daughter who was not seriously injured in the crash.

The child who died, 1-year-old Dasani Colbert, was thrown from the minivan during the crash, and died at the scene.

The crash had occurred just days after the girl and her twin sister celebrated their first birthday.

The oldest child in the car, who is nearly 2, also was ejected and suffered severe injuries.

Clopton’s minivan was hit by a car heading down Rose Street while driving west on North Street.

Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Detective, Jason Gates, said the driver of the car which hit the minivan was at fault. That driver,  Defrance, also face criminal charges.

The driver has been charged with one count of driving without a license causing death, which carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

The woman was also was charged with one count of driving without a license causing serious injury, with a five-year penalty; as well as two misdemeanors for driving infractions causing death and serious injury.

Kalamazoo police said that Clopton has been cooperative during the investigation, but Defrance has not.

Toddler Has ‘Burns To The Outside And Inside On His Body’ From Paw Patrol Bath Foam

A Three-year-old boy has been left with burns to the outside and inside of his body, after children’s Paw Patrol bath foam ‘EXPLODES’ while he’s in the tub

A 3-year-old boy has been rushed to the emergency room of the hospital with burns to the ‘outside and inside’ of his body after his bottle of Paw Patrol bath foam exploded in his tub, according to DailyMail.

The toddler, from Londonderry, in Northern Ireland, is now being treated at Belfast Royal Hospital for Sick Children after the incident occurred last night.

The boy remains in the intensive care unit and his condition has been described as ‘critical’.

A concerned aunt wrote about the terrible event on Facebook in a warning to other parents.

She said: ‘Our nephew was in the bath tonight with this Paw Patrol Foam Soap and it exploded.

‘He’s been rushed to the hospital and has to go to the Royal. Please please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, he’s only three.’

Most parents would know of Paw Patrol, a popular Nickelodeon show about the adventures of six rescue dogs.

A spokesperson for the children’s network reportedly said that it had launched an investigation into the product. However, it could not confirm whether or not it would be taken off shelves.

They said: ‘We are terribly sorry to hear about this dreadful incident and we are gathering more information about the licensed product involved.’

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