Chelsea Clinton Gets Taken to School After Making a Comment About Confederate Memorials in Her Childhood

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Amid the heated debate over statues that represent the Confederacy or slavery, Chelsea Clinton decided to add her two cents to the conversation.

The former first daughter tweeted:

While there is a Confederate memorial in the Little Rock National Cemetery, Clinton’s assessment was a misfire. And people made sure that she knew it:

and then:


This is a train wreck:

And then:

Further, there more than a few memorials to the Confederacy in Arkansas.

Here are just a few:

Jackson Guards Memorial in Jackson Port State Park.

The El Dorado Confederate Monument at the Union County Courthouse.

The Hot Springs Confederate Monument in Landmark Plaza in Hot Springs.

The Robert E. Lee Monument in Marianna.

And that is only a handful of the many Confederate monuments dotting Arkansas’s landscape.

Try again, Chelsea.

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