Charlie Gard Update: Pleas Falling On Deaf Ears

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Charlie Gard, who has a rare brain disease is eleven months old.

A hospital in American could provide experimental treatment which could possibly save his life and Charlie’s parents raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the journey.

However, the British courts said no, as a judge ruled that doctors could take the little boy off life support without parental consent.

Doctors in Britain say there is no hope as Charlie cannot breathe on his own – and he has brain damage. They also say the boy’s parents have no right to determine his fate.

The European Court of Human Rights declined to hear the case which has basically given the baby a death sentence. The court believes that Charlie’s mom and dad do not have a right to decide what is best for their child. The court believes the responsibility rests with the doctors and the doctors believe that it would be in Charlie’s best interest if he simply died.

The pope has tried to intervene as well as President Trump – urging the British government to have mercy. But so far — their pleadings have fallen on deaf ears.

So as it stands – Charlie Gard could sadly be dead before his first birthday.

Let’s hope for a miracle.

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