Celebrate the Good: More Than 600,000 People Have Reportedly Recovered from Coronavirus

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Much of the fear we face regarding COVID-19 has to do with just how little we really know about it, how invisible it is and how it forces people to play a horrible waiting game.

When cases first started popping up in the states, there weren’t enough tests available to really get a good idea of the scope of the spread, and even now many places won’t test potential patients who are only presenting mild symptoms.

China has updated its numbers, now stating that it has confirmed 83,853 cases of the coronavirus and experienced 4,636 deaths and 77,779 recoveries, according to data from Johns Hopkins.

There are still some staggering numbers being reported. Over 2.5 million cases have been confirmed worldwide, and the most have been reported by the United States at 820,104 on Tuesday afternoon.

That’s a terrifying number — but it’s out of over 4 million people who have been tested. And while over 14,500 have died in New York City alone, over 75,000 have recovered in the United States as a whole.

Worldwide, though there have been 176,323 deaths, there have been 679,748 recoveries so far — certainly an encouraging number, and hopefully it will be reflected in the patients still battling the virus.

Those who have been released with an all-clear from the hospitals are certainly celebrating. Nurses, doctors, family members and friends are all relieved when a patient gets to go home.

Take Baptist Health South Florida for example. On April 10, the hospital shared a video of a longtime married couple being wheeled out of the hospital together, both having beaten the virus.

“Hospital staff members cheer as a couple leaves the hospital after beating #COVID19,” BHSF shared on Instagram. “Married for 45 years, Doriela and Carlos both tested positive and were admitted to the hospital on the same day. After a long stay, hand-in-hand they celebrated being discharged with their care team at West Kendall Baptist Hospital.”

On the back of their respective wheelchairs were pieces of paper reading “Just” and “Discharged,” in a cute nod to the message often scrawled on newlyweds’ cars.

“In more good news: see one family surprise their ‘Abu Pepe’ as he was discharged from Baptist Hospital after beating #COVID19,” the hospital shared on April 15.

“Eternally grateful to @baptisthealthsf for giving us more time with my dad,” one family member commented on the post. “You saved his life which has brought us joy and an immense about of gratitude. Abu Pepe is back home!!!!!! We will continue to pray for this outcome to be for many more families in the same difficult situation. With utmost gratitude, the Diaz Family.”

“Thanks for all that was done for our dad,” wrote another family member. “We are fortunate he is one of the ones that got to come back home.”

One mom even beat all the odds, giving birth to her baby while in a medically induced coma as she fought COVID-19. There was great celebration when she was moved from the ICU to the floor, and then again when she finally recovered and was able to hold her daughter for the first time.

In light of all the scary information and misinformation going around, it’s good to keep an eye on the successes in this battle.

We’re not done yet, but this encouraging news will help us get there.

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