1-Year-Old-Boy Found Safe After Carjacking

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According to a statement from the Montebello Police Department.At approximately 6:5pm on 7 January an individual after receiving the Amber Alert saw the vehicle parked to the rear of Mc Donald’s parking lot located at 9333 W. Slauson Ave. in Pico Rivera. The child was found inside safe and unharmed and is at a local hospital being looked at. 

Video surveillance shows the vehicle arriving at 3:01pm and parking. The suspect exits the vehicle alone and leaves the area in a different vehicle.

According to KTLA the initial incident took place about 3 p.m. in a parking lot at SA Recycling, at 1545 Gage Road, where Caleb’s mother stepped about 10 feet away from the dark red minivan to recycle some items, the Police Department said in a statement. Caleb was in the Odyssey with two girls, ages 4 and 6, when a man approached and ordered the girls to get out of the vehicle, according to the news release. The keys were in the ignition, enabling the man to start the engine and begin driving away, police said. As Caleb’s mother screamed that her baby was in the minivan, the thief drove it out of the parking lot and southbound onto Gage Road, the statement said.

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