Car Collision Ejects Infant 25 Feet You Won’t Believe Where She Landed

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Emergency response is calling it “divine intervention.” And, you will too — after you see where she landed. If you don’t believe in miracles, get ready.

— Texarkana, Arkansas

Firefighters were baffled when they arrived to the scene of what could’ve been a tragic collision. A family was driving along Interstate 30 and was clipped by a commercial truck. Then, this miracle happened.

Miracle on I-30 According to WKRC-12, once the diesel hit the family’s vehicle, the 8-month-old was thrown from the wreckage.

Yet, she didn’t smash through a window; she didn’t land on the roadway into oncoming traffic; she wasn’t seriously injured at all. Matter of fact, infant Bryce Hale landed 25 feet away…in a storm drain.

The source notes that, when rescuers arrived, the 8-month-old wasn’t crying but only had her arms stretched upwards. According to Washington Post, her mother, Jakesia Colson, quotes as follows.

I started running up and down the highway looking everywhere for her, calling her name. I didn’t hear a baby crying, no baby screaming, nothing. I panicked. I thought she was gone. It was the worst 15 minutes of my life trying to look for her

Could you imagine?… If you’re interested in watching the video, it’s located below.

One firefighter, Josh Moore, mentions as follows.

“There had to be some kind of divine intervention for her to end up being okay the way she was. Yeah, a good 25 feet away from this grate right here and end up being okay is just simply amazing. Up until we heard her, I was just worried about it being more of a recovery rather than a rescue, but once we heard her, it was just a sigh of relief.”

The source notes that rescuers searched for the infant within the hay around the drainage grate. And once a layer was removed, that’s when they heard and saw the infant, alive and well.

While there were four people in the car, no one was seriously injured, according to the news report. However, everyone was transported to a nearby hospital for evaluation and minor treatment. As can be seen from the video, two of the family members were placed on crutches. There’s no doubt it could’ve been exponentially worse.


  1. Jay

    December 3, 2016 at 9:15 pm

    Thank you JESUS….GOD BLESS the family…

  2. Lauren

    December 4, 2016 at 2:19 am

    Oh God! Sooo happy she’s ok. But the article never explained if she was in a car seat. Hard to imagine her ejected if in a properly installed car seat.

  3. Joanna

    December 4, 2016 at 2:45 am

    God has a special task for her when she grows up..he wasn’t ready for anyone of you. Prayers to all of you and for GOD saving the little angel..

  4. Beverly Hobbs

    December 4, 2016 at 8:14 am

    Mom’s lucky her child didn’t land in traffic!! Baby wouldn’t have been ejected if she was properly secured in a safety seat!!

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