Cannabis Oil Cures Girl’s Life-Threatening Seizures

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A 12-year-old, Annalise Lujan who has a rare form of epilepsy has been cured of the life-threatening seizures after doctors treated her with cannabis oil.

A Daily Mail report says the 12-year-old girl from Arizona found herself unable to walk while participating in a gymnastics competition on April 2, 2017.

She then began suffering seizures and was rushed to the hospital and put into a medically induced coma to save her brain from damage.

At Phoenix Children’s Hospital, she was diagnosed with a rare epilepsy syndrome, known as febrile infection-related epilepsy syndrome (FIRES). The disease affects one in one million children, says reports.

The condition causes Annalise to have seizures continuously, which may lead to brain injury and even death. Doctors were not able to bring her out of the coma until they had an effective method to prevent her seizures.

For the first time ever, Doctors at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital sought permission to treat Lujan with the marijuana derivative cannabidiol (CBD) from the US Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

48 hours later, Lujan’s seizures stopped and she woke up.
CBD is a drug derived from cannabis.

According to a study at New York University and Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London, cannabidiol halves a number of seizures in adults and children suffering from epilepsy.

Annalise Lujan’s family are currently raising money to continue the treatment using a GoFundMe page.

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