Cancer Foundation Helping Support Families Dealing with Pediatric Cancer

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When parents Bree and Luke Rowand rushed their daughter Kylie to the hospital’s emergency room after her blood-curling screams, their worst fears were realized.

The nurse who initially examined Kylie could tell that something was pressing on her eye and causing immense pain, but after some tests it was confirmed that Kylie had a number of cancerous tumors in her face – stage 4 neuroblastoma- and was in need of emergency treatment.

After the diagnosis, the Rowands set up a Facebook Page, titled Prayers for Kylie, which received over 13000 likes in just 2 days and that number has grown in excess of 111 000.

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The family traveled to New York to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, where Kylie underwent over 10 surgeries. Countless biopsies were performed and Kylie endured 2 brain bleeds.

On the 7th of February 2015, after 13 months of treatment, her little body was just too tired and she passed away.

After Kylie’s passing, her parents have created the Kylie Rowand Foundation, a nonprofit organization which raises money for pediatric cancer and provides assistance to families with children who are battling cancer.

The foundation supports these families during cancer treatments by sending gift baskets with toys and will even pay for things like gas, groceries and mortgage bills.

The foundation has already given away over $130,000 to families in need.

A follower of Kylie’s story has also started a nail polish company in her honor, called Kylie’s Kolors, where kids with cancer are able to create their own polish, and all the proceeds go to fund their treatment.

If you or someone you know is currently dealing with pediatric cancer and needs support please contact this foundation.

You can watch their full story here:

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