California Mom Gives Birth To Over 13 Pound Baby

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Jenna Reyes, baby Raymond’s mother from California said “Oh my gosh, he looks like a toddler, he was so big,” 

Raymond was born on April 30th at the Mercy Medical Center in Merced and weighed a whopping 13.5 pounds. He is one of the heaviest babies born in the Central Valley. 

“I worked in labor delivery for about seven years and the largest baby I’ve ever seen, so 13 pounds is a big baby, I’ve never seen one that big,” said Jessica Newton, a nurse at Family Birth Center.

Jenna was expecting to give birth to a 10 to 11-pound-baby and decided on having a C-section. The Mom said she had big babies before but none as big as Raymond!

Being such a big baby also comes with its fair share of issues. Raymond had low calcium and sodium levels as well as jaundice, which had him stay a bit longer in the hospital.

He is now healthy and at home with his family.

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