Breastfeeding Mom Asked To Leave Chick-Fil-A Restaurant

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Breast feeding in public or better known as BIP these days, is a topic that seems to cause quite the controversy.

A North Dakota mother says she’s dealing with trauma after being asked to cover up or leave a restaurant because of it.

“You’re doing nothing wrong. She can’t do this to you.”

That’s what Macy Hornung was saying to herself while she was asked to leave Chik-Fil-A in Fargo, North Dakota.

While Hornung breastfed her daughter, she was approached by the locations owner, Kimberly Flamm.

“She said, ‘You need to cover or get out,’” according to Hornung.

Hornung said that her daughter doesn’t react well to being covered up.

“She will scream, she will fight, she will rip the blanket off. She will do anything she can to not be covered,” she said.

Hornung said that she tried to explain to Flamm about North Dakota’s breastfeeding laws, which say a woman has the right to breastfeed her child in any location that they would otherwise be permitted.

She said, ‘I know the laws, you need to cover. There are children and men present,’” according to Hornung.

Hornung is still dealing with the trauma she experienced.

“I’ve had panic attacks because of it,” she said.

However, she said that she is proud that she stood up for her family.

I want to show my daughter how to be a strong woman,” she said.

Hornung also believes that every mother should stand up for themselves, too.

“I feel that each mother has the right to choose what is best for her and her child,” she said.

Facebook Tip Leads To Over 1,000 Charges In Underage Sex Post Crackdown

Jason Alden/Bloomberg

Police in Denmark has charged 1,004 young people with distributing sexually explicit material of two 15-year-olds following a tip-off from Facebook.

The activity may constitute distribution of child pornography, the Danish National Police said. The case is “very large and complex,” Police Inspector Lau Thygesen said. “We’ve taken the matter very seriously as it has big consequences for those involved.”

The charges follow calls in Denmark for greater efforts to clamp down on revenge porn and distribution of private material. This is after young women detailed in local newspapers last year, how their lives had been destroyed by the publication of photos and video intended only for their partners.

The crackdown also comes following a shift in tolerance toward such acts as the #MeToo movement gains traction.

“It’s our impression that young people know very well that the consequences are substantial for the victims when this type of material is distributed,” Flemming Kjaerside, a police superintendent for Denmark’s National Crime Center, said in the statement. “But they perhaps don’t know that it is also punishable, and they can be convicted of distributing child porn.”

Danish police said that they began their investigation after Facebook notified U.S. authorities of two explicit video clips and a photograph of the couple on its chat platform Messenger last year. U.S. authorities in turn then notified European police.

While most of those charged distributed the material a couple of times, others distributed it several hundred times, Danish noted.


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