BREAKING: Toddler shoots 4-month-old in arm

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A prosecutor will decide if charges will be filed against the parents of a 2-year-old boy who shot his 4-month-old sister in the arm with a rifle.


The shooting happened in a home last night in Dalton Township, Michigan. Authorities believe the gun was in a closet and the child found it.


They say he went outside and began shooting at his home and a bullet grazed his 4-month-old sister.

“It could have really been fatal. I mean, she’s not that old, the baby’s not. I don’t know how old she is. First I thought maybe she was choking on something, that’s why they called the cops or they were trying to help her. But then come to find out it was a gun wound, she got grazed by the bullet.

It’s hard to say where it came from. It came in the house,” commented Pam Sprague, a neighbor.

The mother of the children was at home at the time. Police and Child Protective Services are investigating the case.

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