BREAKING NEWS: Spain attack – British boy killed in Barcelona atrocity, family reveal

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BREAKING NEWS: Spain attack – British boy killed in Barcelona atrocity, family reveal

The child was a victim of the terrorist van attack on La Rambla

The seven-year-old British-Australian boy Julian Cadman was killed in Thursday’s terrorist van attack in Barcelona, the child’s family have revealed.

The Spanish missing persons bureau said the family had confirmed he was among the 13 people killed in the attack on La Rambla, where over 100 people were also injured.

Theresa May said on Friday that the British government was “urgently looking into reports of a child believed missing, who is a British dual national”.

Julian’s family launched a Facebook campaign in a bid to track down the boy Facebook

The boy’s grandfather, Tony Cadman, had previously appealed on social media for help and information about his grandson’s whereabouts after the attack, circulating a photograph.

Earlier reports in the Spanish media that the boy had been found alive in hospital turned out to be incorrect.

Amid reports that the boy was unaccounted for or had been found alive, the Catalan police force said on Saturday that “all the victims and injured have been located”, downplaying speculation until a formal identification had been made.

The police said at the time that victims’ families had “communicative priority” for new information.

The boy’s father had Andrew Cadman, flew to Barcelona from Australia following the attack, around a day’s travel time.

Julian was with his mother Jom during the attack. She was described as being in a serious but stable condition in hospital following the incident.

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