Breaking News: 8 Year Sentence For Mother Who Left Child In Freezing Car Overnight

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A mother in Kusa has been sentenced to 8 years in prison for leaving her 2-year-old son in a freezing car overnight during a snowstorm and then forgetting where it was.

Nicole Carmon pleaded guilty in November to negligent child abuse which caused serious bodily injury and attempted first-degree assault for the December 2016 incident.

In addition to prison time, Carmon was also sentenced to three years probation.

Carmon told police that she downed six shots of vodka before leaving her son in the parking lot of a Thornton strip mall, according to court documents obtained last year by 9Wants to Know.

The child was found by police the next day suffering from hypothermia and frostbite.

According to the National Weather Service, the temperature that night ranged from a high of 9 degrees to a low of -8.

According to the court records, officers found Carmon’s Ford Fusion parked in front of a Panda Express, covered in as much as six inches of snow. There were no tracks around the car, and when officers got inside the vehicle, Carmon’s son was found partially buckled into his car seat.

Carmon reportedly has a history of alcohol-related offences dating back to 2008, according to Colorado arrest records.

Jamie Oliver Wants To Ban Selling Energy Drinks To Children

I’m sure there are many of us who drink Red Bull, Relentless, Monster and Rockstar for a long car journey or to get us through a long day at work.

While some may even mix it with Jägermeister as our shooter of choice. It’s a convenient drink to have them around, just in case …

But now, there’s a worrying rise of children getting a buzz from the drinks, and now celebrity chef and campaigner Jamie is calling for the government to ban selling energy drinks to kids – saying that there’s a worrying correlation between the drinks and poor performance at school.

Oliver saying that there should be a new age limit of 16 on all sales, and that we should be following the guidance that already exists on cans – stating that the drinks aren’t suitable for children.

If the energy drink industry is literally telling us their products are ‘not recommended for children’ on the cans, why can kids as young as 10 buy them whenever they want?” he said.

“This consumption is compromising our kids, and our teachers, too – we have to do something about it. We urgently need the government to step up and put age restrictions on the sale of energy drinks to all under 16s.”

A study by the European Food Safety Authority says that as much as 69 percent of teenagers – and 24 percent of children under the age of 10 – consume energy drinks.

Supermarket Waitrose announced that it is to voluntarily ban the sale of energy drinks to children in its stores.

Teachers’ union NASUWT has also called for a ban.

Kevin Courtney, who’s the Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, has said that children’s health needs to be put first.

“Schools do all they can to provide an environment conducive to learning, but they can’t control what’s on sale beyond the school gates. If the Government is serious about protecting children, it needs to put their interests before the profits of the energy drinks industry and ban the sale of these harmful products to under 16s,” he said.

Jamie has a long history of combatting diet-related issues in children, having famously led the way for improving school dinners in the UK.

Remember when he came to a school in America and showed them the gruesome process of how chicken nuggets are made?

Sadly, when he asked who’d want to eat nuggets after seeing all the nasty bits that went into them, the children all raised their hands.

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