Breaking: Eric Bolling’s Son Found Dead

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Breaking: Eric Bolling’s Son Found Dead

Fox News just announced the decision to terminate popular host Eric Bolling amid allegations of inappropriate text messages — but as of Saturday morning, that was the least of Bolling’s troubles.

Sources are now reporting that Bolling’s 19-year-old son, affectionately known as “Eric Chase,” passed away on Friday night. A source close to Eric Bolling confirmed the news to Mediaite. A statement from Fox News is expected soon.

Bolling has spoken of his son fondly and often on Twitter:

It is clear that Bolling deeply loved his son and took great pride in watching him grow up.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Bolling family in this very difficult time.

This is a breaking story and updates will be published as they are made available.


TMZ is now reporting that Bolling’s son committed suicide in Boulder, CO — and that he was not on campus at the time.

In addition, Fox News has responded to inquiry with the following statement:

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