BREAKING: Baby dies after being bitten on head by dog

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A 10-month-old baby has died after she was bitten by a large dog at her grandparents’ house in Tokyo on March 9, police said.

The infant, Midori Yasuda from Hachioji, Tokyo, was being babysat by her grandparents at their home in the same city, when the grandfather’s pet golden retriever suddenly bit her on the head, police said.

The child was rushed to hospital but died about two hours later.

Earlier that day, the baby’s mother had dropped Midori off at a day care center before going to work, but the grandparents later picked their granddaughter up because she had developed a fever.

Upon returning to the grandparents’ home, the baby crawled around in the living room, and was later attacked by the dog.

The dog was usually allowed to run loose although there was a cage for the dog in the living room.

According to the Nippon Police Dog Association Inc., golden retrievers are typically obedient and patient dogs with a mild disposition. They are often used as police dogs, along with German shepherds.

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