Boy Suffers 2nd Degree Burns After Another Kid Sprays Perfume On Him Then Lites A Match

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People are absolutely shocked over this story of how a child thought it would be okay to light another boy on fire!

The poor boy’s mother is livid. According to reports, Steven Michael Tice suffered second-degree burns on his back after his cousin/best friend, Charlie Martin, spritzed him with perfume, flicked a lighter and set him on fire.

Steven was resting in bed before he was about to play in a baseball game at 6 p.m., and had just turned down Charlie’s invitation to play with him when he was attacked.

Thankfully, Steven’s 15-year-old sister grabbed a pillow and beat out the flames.

Charlie has been charged in Licking County Probate-Juvenile Court with delinquency counts of aggravated arson and felonious assault, which are first-degree and second-degree felonies, respectively – if filed in adult court. Criticizers are calling for Charlie to be held accountable for his actions and even evaluated for his mental health.

The suspect’s mother she said her son is 11 and doesn’t understand what he’s done.

Older children were reportedly in the house and saw both boys playing with an aerosol can and lighter. The boy’s attorney declined comment, with a pending criminal matter against his client.

What do you think? Should the 11-year-old be held accountable?

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