Boy Dies Because Parents Don’t Give Him Heart Transplant Medicine

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A couple from Park City, Illinois are being accused of failing to give their 11-year-old son heart transplant anti-rejection medications.

The Chicago Tribune reported about the case and said that 36-year-old Jennifer and 41- year-old David Stroud pleaded not guilty to endangering the life of a child.

Prosecutors say that their child Jason died on September 11 after suffering a number of organ rejections due to the parents’ negligence. The Assistant Lake County State’s Attorney, Eric Kalata said that Jason had a heart transplant at the age of 7 which saved his life.

A now-deleted GoFundMe Page, allegedly started by Jennifer in August, said that Jason endured 8 open heart surgeries and 20 surgical procedures before the May 2012 transplant.

Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) became involved in the matter after the couple supposedly missed several hospital appointments between December 2015 and August.

A DCFS spokesperson confirmed to the Tribune that the couple were found to be neglecting Jason – and this was based on an investigation closed in November. The couple was charged with an additional count of endangering the life of a child based on this accusation.

According to WMAQ, Jason’s parents were indicted on January 8 and turned themselves in two days later,

“[Jason] was ill, although his mother and father did all that they could to help him, unfortunately, he passed,” defense attorney Renea Amen told the station. “But that’s not a criminal act.”

They also claimed David done “everything that he possibly could” to care for his son.

After posting 10 percent of her $75,000 of her bail, Jennifer was released. Defense attorney LaTonya Burton requested that David’s bail be lowered because he is not being charged with a violent crime.

Judge Daniel Shanes stated while denying their request.

The allegations are, by your actions or inactions, your son died. Those are serious charges,”

The couple could be sentenced to probation or up to five years in prison if convicted. David will appear in court on March 16 while Jennifer is due to appear on March 23.


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    Yeah I know I’m not suppose to judge people by their looks but really LOOK at these people they just look like awful people!!!!!

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    There honestly needs to be an IQ test to have a baby. I mean it!!!
    F**king monsters

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