Top-Selling Amazon Kids Book That Promises To Put Your Children To Sleep

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Getting your child to fall asleep at night is not always easy. Reading a story book to them sometimes helps, but it doesn’t always get them to nod off- until now that is!

A book titled “The rabbit who wants to sleep” has been released and many parents who have bought it are saying it has changed their lives. Written by Swedish psychologist Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin – the book is so popular; it’s landed on Amazon’s best seller list as a Hardcover and Paperback from $1.73.

The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep

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The book uses psychological techniques to help children relax, focus and eventually fall asleep. The structure of the sentences in the bestseller cues the reader to stress words in bold, slow down the italic words and act out the suggested physical actions.

Some sceptics say that it’s pure marketing that has aided to the success of the book rather than the actual effectiveness of the methodology.

There are also mixed reviews from the people who reviewed the book on Amazon.

One parent (Iheartcake) wrote:

Our 9 month old daughter has been wild at bedtime, and we’ve tried so many methods of calming her, but this has been the first thing to get her into sleep mode in under 20 minutes. It feels almost like a guided meditation, and the story is so lovely that it’s a true pleasure to read aloud. Definitely a new favorite!

Another (Erica Zilberman) stated:

This is truly a miracle. It’s rare that my kids are still awake at the end. We love it so much.

An unconvinced parent (kkyhung) wrote:

the plot seems to drag on too slowly for curious little ones. Even though I managed to get my son to lay down in bed and listen to the first few pages (I read the story and did not let him see the ipad), I was interrupted constantly with questions: “Why can’t Roger sleep? How come his siblings fell asleep so easily? Why am I in the book with Roger? Mom, why do you keep yawning?” In the end, he lost interest and tuned me out, preferring to talk to himself about his day rather than listen to me ramble on about how he was “going to fall asleep, now.” I know that tempo is one of the sleep techniques used in the book, but unfortunately, the plot may not move fast enough to sustain concentration

Jay Rocamontes wrote:

Good theory, depends on your execution though. It is only as good as the user.

A review by “FS” titled “It’ll put you to sleep – as in, it will BORE you to sleep” said

I wanted to love this book. I heard great things about it. We’ve been struggling with bedtime with my three year old and I had hoped this would help calm and relax him before bedtime. I guess I get the premise behind the way the story is written, but it is just not entertaining to my son at all. We can barely get two pages in before he loses attention and asks for a different book. And honestly, I get bored reading it. Maybe if we had started reading this book at an earlier age he would be more interested? I have an 8 month old, so we’ll try it earlier with her and see if it makes a difference. But for now, it is just sitting on a shelf.

The book has already been translated into seven languages and apparently the author is already planning a follow up book on how to use the toilet.

Watch the video below to see it in action:

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