Blogger Shares Fears About Having A Second Baby – And If You’ve Been There, You Will Relate

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Lifestyle Blogger, Erica DeSpain recently shared her thoughts and fears about having a second child. When I read the piece, I could relate to every single word she posted.

The article titled “Dear Mama Whose Heart is Twisted About Having Another Baby” starts off with Erica explaining whilst on her last stretch of her second pregnancy, how she randomly started ugly-crying when she realised that it would be the last night that she would be doing the bath-time and bedtime routine alone with her first-born daughter.

She explained how the intense emotion came out of nowhere, and how guilty she felt about how much was about to change for her daughter. Erica had no idea how to deal with this sudden rush of feelings.

Erica said

I was already so in love with this healthy, unborn baby girl kicking inside my belly, but I felt like I was mourning the future loss of my season as a mama of one.”

The story then fast-forwards 3 months to the present, where she speaks of another set of emotions she’s having to deal with. This time though it’s that of joy and happiness. “I had stepped out of the room for a moment to throw something in my bedroom,” Erica said “and when I rounded the corner to return I found my older daughter crouched down by my baby wiping spit-up off of her face and making the sweetest baby-talk noises. My baby was locked in on my older girl’s eyes, and the lump in my throat formed before I knew it.”


She then recalled the emotions and fears she had just a few months ago and how then she couldn’t begin to imagine just how full her heart would feel, watching the two little ones interact with each other.

Erica’s story then reaches out to Mom’s who are about to cross this same bridge. She says “it really is true that you’ll never have to split your love between your babies, and it really is true that your love will multiple tenfold as you all get to know your newest little love”


“You wonder and worry about how your oldest will respond to sharing your attention, but try to remember that the adjustment period, regardless of how long or short it is, is just a brief season in the grand scheme. (Plus, your oldest may surprise you with how well and how quickly he or she adjusts.)” she added.

Erica also goes on to say that every family will eventually find their “comfortable” routine but this time there is a privilege of having another little soul to love and raise and enjoy.

Prior to having the second child, Erica used to watch other Moms who had 2 or more kids and wondered if they had ever gone through these kinds of emotions. She wondered if she would eventually be able to juggle multiple kids as natural as these Moms did.


At the end of her post she says:

“If your heart is twisted and you’re finding yourself taken back by your rollercoaster of emotions about having your next baby, know that your feelings are relatable, understandable, and justified.” She added “You may choke up like me when it’s time to give your biggest baby one last hug before you meet your next one, but just remember this is all a beautiful part of this crazy life. Your heart is about to grow so much more full with love.” 

Can you relate to Erica’s story?



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  1. JLea

    July 12, 2016 at 7:00 am

    I can SO relate to this!!! Thank you for sharing! 🙂 so beautifully written! Such a relief to know I’m not alone, thank you!!

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