The Best Wireless Headphones For Kids 2017

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Its quite a significant choice to make when choosing the best headphones for your children because using the incorrect headset could permanently damage a child’s hearing. Finding the right pair will also save you the burden of having to replace a pair that malfunctions quickly or feels uncomfortable in their ears.

Remember that you need to restrict the number of time a child uses headphones, regardless of the volume.

Many auditory health organisations advocate that the maximum noise level  is 85 decibels (dB) for kids and the time spent listening to  should be restricted to two hours a day.

According to Dr. Daniel Fink, a leading noise activist, “an 85 decibel occupational noise standard which won’t even protect the ears of truck drivers, coal miners, or factory workers is far too loud for children’s delicate ears which have to last them a lifetime.”

Here is a list of child-friendly wireless headphones that will help you choose a perfect pair for your child:

1. LilGadgets Untangled Pro Premium Children’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with SharePort®

Price: $49.95, Amazon (Affiliate)

Sized for children 4 years and older, these cans are compatible with nearly all Bluetooth devices. It comes in 6 different colours: pink, black, blue, green, purple and white.


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2.Bravo View IH-03A Kid-Friendly Automotive IR Wireless Headphones

Price: $21.95, Amazon (Affiliate)

These headphones work with most mobile video systems that have a built-in infrared transmitter. The multi-color design will probably be a draw card for most kids.

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3.Puro Sound Labs, Kids Volume Limiting Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Price: $89.99, Amazon (Affiliate)

The advanced DSP-based Volume Limiting Ear Protection maxes out at 85 dB (decibels). These headphones actively monitor volume levels to protect your kid’s ears while delivering fantastic studio grade audio.

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