Best Child Safety Door Stoppers 2016

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Baby-Proof Door Stoppers

It’s very exciting once a little one starts crawling but at the same time it gives parents another thing to worry about – ensuring your home is baby-proof.

To make things easier for parents, there are many innovative products out there to assist with baby-proofing. One of these products are door-stoppers which  are made to keep your baby or toddlers fingers safe from closing doors.

Here is a list of five baby proof door-stoppers, designed to protect those chubby little fingers:

1. Dreambaby Foam Finger Guard Door Stopper

Price: $5.78, Amazon (Affiliate)

Made from flexible, soft foam this door stopper slots easily on to the top or side of most doors. It also comes in a variety of shapes and colors to suit any décor and comes at a reasonable price.


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2. A&S Creavention Animal Foam Door Stopper Cushion

Price: $6.99, Amazon (Affiliate)

These easy to install door stoppers comes in a pack of 7 colorful and cute cartoon style. They are made from flexible, lightweight, non-toxic Material and are super durable. Not too badly priced either.


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3. Clevamama Baby Home Safety Corner Guards & Door Cushions Set

Price: $34.32, Amazon (Affiliate)

Probably on the higher end of the price range, this set is however not only for doors but also for corners. This safety bundle comes with 2 packs of the foam cushioned corner guards – standard and XL sizes.  The ClevaDoor kit is also included, which helps to prevent handle knocks and finger pinches.

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4. Mommy’s Helper Pack of 3 Soft Jamb Door Stops

Price: $10.39, Amazon (Affiliate)

These door stops not only protects your little ones fingers but also protects your doors. There is also no removable cap that could present a choking hazard.

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5. Foot Design Door Stop Wedge Jammer Doorstop Stopper

Price: $7.99, Amazon (Affiliate)

This clever foot design allows the door to be safely positioned e.g.halfway open and is easy to release again – you just step on one side of the stopper. It’s definitely one of the cutest door-stoppers I’ve ever seen. 

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Got a suggestion for a great door stopper? Please share with us, using the comments box below, and we’ll be sure to add it!

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