Beloved Father Fatally Shot In The Face In front Of His Daughter

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A beloved father in Philadelphia has been fatally shot after he attempted to protect his 2-year-old daughter from armed carjackers.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Gerard Grandzol, 38, was shot in the face during a carjacking on Thursday right outside of his home in the Philadelphia neighborhood of Spring Garden.

Grandzol had reportedly just returned home from playing frisbee with his toddler daughter at about 8 p.m. Two suspects approached the father and allegedly took his wallet, before demanding his car keys. But Grandzol refused, as his daughter was still in the back seat.

The suspects allegedly shot him twice in the face.

Chief Inspector Scott Small said that Grandzol “was shot from point-blank range.” He was transported to a local hospital and pronounced dead at 9:42 p.m.

FATHER KILLED: Gerard Grandzol was killed in front of his daughter in the city’s Spring Garden neighborhood
— Action News on 6abc (@6abc) September 8, 2017

The suspects still remain at large.

Grandzol’s daughter and the family dog, both in the car, were unharmed.

In addition to his toddler daughter, Grandzol and his wife had an infant child, who was reportedly born in late July.He was a popular, active, and well-respected member of the community, who are now reeling from the shocking tragedy.

“He was the neighbor and friend I wish everyone was fortunate enough to have,” said Brad Griffith, a longtime friend and neighbor, told the Philadelphia Inquirer.“And I’m going to miss him.”

Another neighbor, Nate Proulx, said that Grandzol had welcomed him with open arms when he first moved to the neighborhood, introducing him to everyone on the block.

“He loved it here,” Proulx said.
The City Council President Darrell L. Clarke said that Grandzol was “kind of like the go-to guy in that community.” Grandzol was the executive director of Special Counsel’s Philadelphia office.

Car Robber Concept Photo. Robber Looking Thru Car Window. Carjacking Theme.

There seems to be a spike in carjackings, if you become a victim of carjacking the most important thing is to not resist and remember your lives are more valuable than the most expensive car. While the circumstances of each situation may differ here are a few steps which could potentially save your life and the lives of your children.

  1. If your kids are old enough, it is advisable that you undo the child-lock system.
  2. If you have a central locking system and you are approached by a carjacker, remember to open all doors before you get out of the car and hand over the keys. This will ensure that your rear doors are open and that you can get your kids out while the carjacker gets into the driver seat.
  3. If you have one child in the car with you, make sure that they are sitting directly behind you and not in the left rear seat. This way it will save you time and it will be easier for you to help your child to get out of the car.
  4. If you have two kids travelling with you, teach them how to loosen their seatbelts and open their doors (if they are old enough of course).
  5. The eldest child should be sitting behind the driver seat and the youngest child to the left, why? If you are involved an attempted carjacking and your children are in the car, you are able to get out of the vehicle and go to the back door directly behind the your door. You should keep one foot inside the car, behind the driver’s seat, then lean across to retrieve the younger child. The older child will most likely cling onto you and you are then able to get both children out of the car.  Always stay calm. If the carjackers panic and the car moves before you have a firm hold on your child/children, your firm footing inside the car will ensure your body weight is thrown into the vehicle, instead of you being left behind and the carjackers driving off with your child/children.
  6. DO NOT place car keys in pockets. The carjacker will think that you are reaching for a firearm when ypu grab your keys. Rather keep the keys in the arm rest or close by. The key to your car is your bargaining tool that will buy you time to get your child out of the car.
  7. Always face your body sideways when you get out the car, try avoid facing the carjacker – your shoulder facing him/her if possible. This will prevent any vital organs from being in the line of fire should the carjacker shoot.
  8. Do not interact with the carjacker unless you have to.

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  1. Reinrad

    September 11, 2017 at 4:46 am

    No way I’m following any of these. I keep my keys in my pockets, and I’m not going to change my habit in anticipation of the 1/100 chance of a burglar attack. And no, I will resist.

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