The Beautiful Moment Baby Born At 22 Weeks ‘Graduates’ From Hospital

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After being born after just 22 weeks of his mother’s pregnancy, Cullen Potter from Alabama had a difficult start to life.

Cullen first experienced problems while still in the womb, which led to his mother Molli to spend 3 weeks in a Pensacola hospital prior to his birth.

The parents were told nothing could be done to save him, who had just a 2 per cent chance of survival. Even if they were able to somehow keep him alive, the boy would suffer from disabilities.

But, his family never gave up; with his father Robert ringing 16 hospitals across three states to find one which could accommodate such a severely premature child. After experiencing 2 miscarriages the previous year, the couple were going to do all they could to give Cullen a fighting chance.

Molli was taken to USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital, where Cullen was delivered through an emergency C-section.

The brave little boy – who weighed just 13.9 ounces at the time of his birth – has beaten all the odds, and has now even ‘graduated’ from intensive care.

Cullen now weighs 5 pounds, 11 ounces and is thankfully said to be free from any major difficulties; after overcoming the devastating prognosis that was initially given to his parents. After 160 days in hospital, the little boy could finally go home.

To rejoice this momentous milestone, the boy was given his very own graduation ceremony; complete with solemn music and a beyond cute cap and gown from a Build-a-Bear shop.

The relief on the faces of hospital staff was plain to see, as Callum, his family and the nurses celebrated.

On Facebook, proud Mother Molli wrote about how the miraculous little boy was ‘perfect in every way’:

He was born at 22.2 weeks weighing 13.9 oz. after 160 days he finally got to come home. 5 months old and 5 lbs 11 oz. No major issues. Our local hospital flat out said they would not save him before 24 weeks and he had a 2% chance to live.

I opted to transfer (after my husband called 16 hospitals in 3 states to find one that would save him). They acted like transferring was pointless, that trying to save him was pointless. Well, here he is. Alive and thriving. Never give up.

She added:

The hospital I transferred to that did save him with no hesitation was USA women’s and children’s in Mobile AL. They are AMAZING at what they do.

They believe in these small babies and give them the fighting chance they deserve. I pray the more doctors and hospitals see stories like my sons and many more, that they will reconsider their policy and give all the babies the chance they deserve.

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