Beating The Odds: 3 Real-Life Super Hero Children

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Beating The Odds: Real-Life Super Hero Children

All over the world, there are kids who have had to deal with obstacles that many of us could never even imagine ourselves going through. Yet, they put on brave faces, stand as tall as they can, and they persevere. Hailed as super kids not because of their amazing feats of strength in tough times but also due to their love for superheroes.

Here are three children who have famously donned on their superhero capes:


Many have heard of the amazing story of Miles Scott, a child who was suffering from cancer. Make-a-Wish foundation orchestrated a giant event catered to his love of Batman by turning him into Batkid, Bruce Wayne’s sidekick. To pull this off, it took the whole San Francisco’s community—including business owners and government officials—to turn the city into Gotham City for one day.

The very next day, the San Francisco Chronicle even reported on the front page that Batkid had saved the city. Due to this charade, the Batkid has influenced many people all over the world. There is even a documentary about him on Netflix and a new trend to don cancer patients and other special needs children in superhero capes that can be easily gotten from sites like just to make them feel special and great.

It is also seen a great way to honor them for all that they have gone through in their young lives.

Yano the Superhero

Yano is a child who has been battling cancer for over 7 years. When the Make-a-Wish Foundation finally caught up with Yano to give him the dream he had always wanted, he simply wanted to be a superhero for a day—his favorite being the brilliantly masked and hilarious vigilante Deadpool.

WGN reported that over 20 different agencies, including law enforcement, came together to help accomplish his superhero duties. Yano had the time of his life defeating the likes of Bane and other infamous criminals with his sword fighting and bow shooting skills—with, of course, the help of the Green Lantern and other novelties.

In the end, he victoriously recovered the stolen crown jewel.

Kevin the Shooting Star

At age three, Kevin’s parents learned that he was going to have to fight the biggest battle of his young life: 3 Hodgkins disease. By the time that he was 11-years-old, Kevin was wishing that he could have superpowers and even fly.

With the help of Make-a-Wish and an advertising agency, a film was created and Kevin became a superhero: the Shooting Star. In it, he was given the super powers that he had always dreamed about as his character was made to defeat Lord Valkyrie and his henchmen.

These heartwarming stories are amazing, because they have allowed children to make their dreams come true and have even given them hope that they can defeat all of the battles that life has presented them with.

Do you have a young superhero in your life who would be inspired by these stories? If so, let them have hope and see that they can be a hero too.

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