Barber Trusts His Instinct When He Sees Toddler Trapped In Vehicle

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As soon as we saw him, we were like, ‘Oh my god, do we break the window, are we allowed to do that?’ So we just rang the police straight away,” Issa Khadem said.

While Issa was trimming hair this week, he looked out at the thermometer and noticed it was reaching record temperatures. That is when the Barber noticed a little boy in the back of a car who was crying and overheating and he sprang into action.

The barber was quick to respond by phoning 911 and tell them about the dangerous situation that was unfolding right before his eyes.

Police officers responded and smashed the window so that they could gain access to the child and treat him for dehydration.

The boy’s father was later found drinking at the local pub, and he is now behind bars for the awful decision he made.

The man has been charged with leaving a child in a motor vehicle causing distress, neglecting a child in his care and resisting arrest. As if that action wasn’t bad enough, there was even more to the sad story.

When the mother of the child came to pick the small boy up, it was found that the man had left his second son, a two-year-old, at home alone.

On that very day, temperatures had reached 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Those kinds of temperatures are extremely dangerous for anyone who is left exposed to the high heat for a long time – especially children. Without the quick thinking and brave actions of Issa Khadem, there is no telling what the outcome could have been.

“It’s just not a safe thing to do, no matter where you are. We really shouldn’t be leaving kids alone locked in cars. We should be taking them with us or finding someone else to take care of them. A car is not a place for childcare,” State Control Center spokesman Graeme Baxter said.

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Thankfully, this story had a positive ending and no one was hurt in the process. We think that the heroic and quick thinging of Issa should be recognized, because he fixed the poor decisions of a thoughtless father.

Without his help, that poor little boy could have gotten seriously hurt.

Childcare Workers Caught On Camera Taunting Child With Autism

Childcare Workers Caught On Camera Taunting Child With Autism

In a shocking sequence of events, two childcare workers have now turned themselves into police custody after a video surfaced of them berating, taunting and throwing a backpack at an 8-year-old child with autism.

It all started on September 1, when Winter Haven PD found out about a Snapchat video showing 26-year-old Kaderrica Smith and then 19-year-old Alexis Henderson taunting, aggravating, yelling at and tripping a student at Our Children’s Academy.

The 8-year-old child is seen and heard in the video, crying and hiding underneath a table while Henderson and Smith continue to taunt him.

At one point in the video, you can see how the child tries to run towards one of the workers when she grabs his arms and sweeps his legs out from under him causing him to fall.

The video lasts for about three minutes and at one point shows one of the workers throwing a backpack at the child, hitting him in the face.

“There has to be an accountability measure for folks,” said Winter Haven Police Chief Charlie Bird.

Especially when they’re supposed to be the professionals. They get hired as the professionals, they’re being paid as the professionals.”

In initial interviews, the two said that they felt they were acting appropriately and did absolutely nothing wrong. Henderson and Smith reportedly just received their certification for childcare last month.

“Those aren’t methods that you can even begin to defend as being used to defuse a situation with an autistic child,” said Bird.

Reports say that they were each immediately fired by the faculty and DCF placed a hold on their certifications.

The child was later interviewed by a DCF Child Protection Team member on September 15 and it was determined that the acts were criminal. Police were initially unable to locate the two, thus giving reason to issue a warrant for their arrest.

Polk officers checking listed address in Dundee for Alexis Henderson. Empty – no signs of the wanted childcare worker. @abcactionnews
— Ryan Smith (@RyanReports) September 21, 2017

“These workers were supposed to be trained in how to handle children with behavioral issues,” said Bird.

They are trained to deescalate situations, but that obviously did not happen.

Kaderrica Smith is now being charged with Battery and Child Abuse while Alexis Henderson is being charged with Child Neglect.ABC Action News made several attempts to get

ABC Action News reportedly made several attempts to get comment from Our Children’s Academy, however the phone calls went unanswered and a worker at the front door said no one was available.

On Friday morning, Smith and Henderson, reportedly turned themselves into to police custody where they were booked into the Polk County Jail.

Henderson, who has been charged with Child Neglect has bonded out.

Smith, who faces charges of Child Abuse and Battery was reportedly held without bond. At her first appearance on Friday, Smith’s bond was set at $5,000 and the conditions include no contact with minors and also to stay away from the school.


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