Babysitter Senses She and Boy Are Not Alone in House.Dad Later Sees Terrifying Security Video

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Accepting a job as a nanny is a really a big thing to do. It means that you will be taking full responsibility for the safety and well-being of a family’s children — not something to be taken lightly.

Jonathan Lai, a homeowner in Irvine, California, placed all of his trust in Jenna Lee Baker when he and his wife hired her as a nanny for his 3-year-old son.

On July 31, Lai had come to learn the true character of the young woman he’d hired.

Baker and the toddler were out running errands when they returned to the Orange County home. The moment that Baker stepped foot in the house, her instincts told her something was very, very wrong.

Something wasn’t right,” Baker later told reporters. Baker’s protective intuition took over as she called for the boy to come to her so that they could quickly escape.

Baker was horrified to see a burglar inside the home, running down the staircase right towards her. “It was sheer panic,” she said.

Image credit: Irvine Police Dept Facebook screenshot

Security footage captured the entire event, which includes Baker’s immediate response to the situation.

After the burglar initially broke into the home, the video showed him creeping around the home, dumping purses and snooping in the bedrooms.

Baker wasted absolutely no time seizing the boy in her arms and racing outside. She ran to a neighbor’s house for safety, while the burglar fled the scene, running in the opposite direction.

Lai admits the ordeal has been very unsettling. “[He] tore down my whole sense of security that I had in my own home,” Lai explained.

“[I feel] very, very violated,” Lai continued. However, he cannot praise Baker enough for keeping his beloved son safe from harm.

“What she did for my son and what she does daily — it’s unbelievable,” a thankful Lai stated. “I’m so grateful that she’s in our lives.”

Baker says that she loves the little boy in her care, and keeping him safe was not heroic, but rather, the natural thing to do. She takes the role very seriously, and her actions ring loudly of love.

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Steps To Take If Your Child Is Choking


Between the ages of one to five, children often put objects in their mouth which is a totally normal way for them to explore the world. Small objects such as coins, marbles and beads are just the right size to get stuck in a child’s airway and cause choking. It’s important to keep small objects such as these out of your little ones way, however, mishaps do happen and you need to be able to help your child if it does.

In the majority of cases, you may see your child actually swallow the object that causes choking. However if you don’t and if your child begins to cough for no apparent reason such as being ill, there’s a chance that they are choking.

Tips to help a choking child

  • If you are able to see the object your child is choking on, try to remove it. Do not poke the object with your fingers as you make matters worse by pushing the object further which will make it harder to remove.
  • If your child is coughing loudly, encourage them to carry on coughing and don’t leave them alone.
  • If the coughing is not effective, shout for help immediately and check whether they are still conscious.
  • If he or she is still conscious but not coughing effectively use back blows
  • Give the child up to five back slaps. Hit them firmly on their back between the shoulder blades. If back slaps do not displace the object, you will need to perform abdominal thrusts.
  • Give the child up to five abdominal thrusts. Hold the child around the waist and pull upwards and inwards above their belly button. If abdominal thrusts do not dislodge the object, go back to back blows and then perform abdominal thrusts once again.
  • Call out or send for help if the object has not dislodged after three cycles of back slaps and abdominal thrusts, but do not leave the child alone.

Even if the object has come out, you will need to get medical help. Part of the object might have been left behind, or your child might have been hurt by the procedure.



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