Baby’s Skull Fractured At Daycare AND Nobody Knows How It Happened

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Safety was top priority, when mom Camella Jackson chose a daycare for her son this past December. She visited the Sunshine House in Villa Rica on two occasions before registering her son. She said “It looked like a good daycare to me,

Three months later, Jackson found her son with a golf-ball sized knot on his head when she picked him up at the daycare after work one day.

Daycare workers told her they didn’t notice the knot and she only found out about it when she arrived.

They didn’t call me. They didn’t even have an accident report filled out,” she said.

Jackson took her son to the hospital to see what was wrong.

“I was in tears on the way to the hospital and when the doctors told me that his skull was fractured I had broke down. I was very, very upset,” Jackson said.

Hunter was almost a year old at the time of the incident. He’s now wearing a foam helmet to protect his skull while it heals.

The Georgia Department of Early Learning said that they’re investigating the incident.

A spokesperson for the Sunshine House said in a written statement “The health and welfare of the children in our care is our highest priority. We take any allegation of an injury very seriously. We are doing all we can to assist with both investigations. Since these are ongoing investigations, we are unable to comment further at this time.”

This daycare has reportedly been cited at least 17 times since 2013. The violations range from “no finger print record checks” for employees to finding ”fencing hazardous to children.”

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