A Baby’s Ear Piercing Nightmare Is Making People Question What Is Safe

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Some things in the world of parenting will make people upset, even if you just talk about it.

Many of these topics center around what we do with our children that have been deemed worthy of needing to infuse another opinion into it.

Things such as sleep training, co-sleeping, or even ear piercing.

There are people who stand on either side of these debates and have strong opinions of what they feel is the right way.

Sometimes though, there is no right way — just whatever works best for your family – with the best intentions and safety in mind.

Some things however, can cause confusion.

When it comes to ear piercing, it’s solely a family decision.

On this matter, there will always be people who feel strongly against this for their own reasons. And when parents decide this is what they want for their child, they should have access to a safe way to have it done.

One Mother did her research to find out what safe options are available for her 2-month-old daughter. She took her child to get her ear’s pierced, but she left upset, angry and shocked.

Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong, to levels that we didn’t think was possible.

The Mom is now speaking out to share what happened to her daughter’s ear piercing.

She writes, “I looked for many places to get my baby girls ears pierced,” before she landed at Piercing Pagoda location at Neshaminy Mall in Pennsylvania. Continuing, she says, “their website stated ‘professional ear piercing done by professionals’ also that their system is ‘100% safe’ and that they dealt with babies.”

If anyone is looking to get their ears pierced DO NOT GO TO PIERCING PAGODA in the neshaminy mall. I looked for many…
Posted by Marlyn Elizabeth on Monday, January 15, 2018

Since she was researching where is best for her daughter, having a place that says they’re safe and have experience with and can accommodate dealing with babies is very important.

This literally sounds like it was the best place to go, but the mom discovered fast that wasn’t the case in her experience.

Well that is all a lie,” she writes.

Marilyn and her sister set off to the kiosk for ear piercing for her daughter and things went from bad to worse to awful in a short space of time.

“First off the staff gave me the biggest attitude did not even look at me when I approached them. When they pierced my baby’s ear according to the girl the gun got stuck and all I saw was her pulling off the earring she wrongly pierced and attempting to do it again while my baby is screaming,” the mom writes on Facebook.

She continues, “I told her that I didn’t want her ears pierced anymore and that I would like a refund…. she then while walking back was mumbling curse words at me and slamming the kiosk door.”

Others offered that perhaps a tattoo parlor would be better to use.

Typically, these places are for sure safer options than going to a mall simply for the experience and tools they use.

What are your thoughts?

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