Baby Who Was Injured In 2007 Shooting Dies 10 Years Later

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A child who was hit 1 decade ago in a drive-by shooting in Oklahoma City has died.

Isjanna James was just 8 months old when she was injured in a drive-by shooting in February 2007 in the 4200 block of Northeast 16th Street. Back then, she was shot in the head and was taken to an area hospital in critical condition.

James survived the shooting and was later admitted into a long-term care facility, where the girl stayed for almost 10 years. She had recently checked out of the facility and was being cared for by her family, officials said.

Police said that James died on Saturday at her grandmother’s house. The medical examiner’s office determined that her death was a result of injuries suffered in the 2007 shooting.

To date, no arrests have been made in connection with the cold case.

Investigators have now started a review of the case but are asking for the public’s help.

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