Baby Survives Head-On Collision That Killed Georgia Couple

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Authorities in Maple Hill, N.C have confirmed a couple from Georgia died in a North Carolina crash when their sports utility vehicle hit a box truck head-on.

Trooper Ben Chappell with the North Carolina Highway Patrol, said that 44-year-old Robert Fiala and his wife, 53-year-old Donna Bolding Fiala, were traveling from their home in Atlanta to visit family on the North Carolina coast for vacation.

On the road to Pender County along N.C. Hwy 53 near Maple Hill, Chappell said the family’s Acura drifted into the opposite lane and crashed into the box truck. The impact killed both adults, however, a 1-year-old infant survived.

Authorities said that the child was rescued from the SUV and taken to a hospital as a precaution, however, was later found to have no injuries. The infant was reportedly in a rear-facing seat, which likely saved the child’s life. The box truck driver wasn’t injured.

Investigators said that speed nor alcohol are believed to be factors, however, fatigue and/or inattention could be a cause of the wreck.

They anticipate no charges to be filed.

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