Baby Reunited With Family After Being Abducted In Car

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A 9-month-old girl is back with her family Wednesday morning nearly an hour-long ride with a complete stranger who stole the car in which the child was riding Tuesday night.

Atlanta Police said a mother was pumping gas at the BP near the intersection of Campbellton and Barge roads around 8 p.m. Investigators said the mother had just finished pumping gas and was replacing the nozzle onto the pump when someone jumped in her car and sped off with her baby inside.

“When they arrived on scene, they were advised that gas was being pumped in the vehicle. Once the vehicle was full, the mother stepped out, and that’s when a suspect jump inside the vehicle and took off from the scene,” said Lukasz Sajdak, Atlanta Police Department.


Multiple agencies were alerted to the incident and joined in an active search for the mother’s vehicle. It was eventually found abandoned along McClelland Ave off of Stanton Road about an hour after the incident was reported.

The mother and other family members were reunited with the young child shortly after being found. Investigators said they do not anticipate charges against the family.

Police are still searching for the suspect. They are working the gas station and the apartment complex where the child was found to see if the thief was caught on camera or if any witnesses saw the suspect.


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