Baby Hospitalized After Hit By Softball

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A 1-month-old baby is currently in Mayo Clinic after being hit in the head by a softball.

The Family say that they were watching a men’s softball game this week, when the center fielder overthrew the ball to the third baseman, the ball went over the fence and hit the mother and 1-month-old baby.

Waverly Police say that an ambulance was called around 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday night to transport the baby.

The Family says that baby McKenna was hit in the head by a stray softball. Her mother, Kassy Hovenga says it was a ‘freak accident’.

Hovenga says that her daughter has a fractured skull and two blood clots in her brain that are causing her to have seizures.

As of this morning, her seizures have reduced.

Hovenga says that the baby just had an MRI and she should be getting an update on her condition soon.

The Family members say they are grateful for all of the community support.


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