Baby Girl Miraculously Born With Heart Outside Of Chest, Inspires To Never Lose Hope

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Before Virsaviya was born, doctors told her mother that she won’t survive a minute after delivery.

Today, six years later, she is simply a sweet, special child spreading many smiles around.

She was born with rarest of the rare medical conditions called the “Pantalogy of Cantrell” which affects 1 in a million children. The disorder causes the heart to be packed outside the chest, protected by just a thin layer of skin.

Doctors told her Mother that her child would not even live through the birthing process, however after six years of her special life journey, Virsaviya is looking forward to a big heart surgery and is hoping to live a normal life.

A Crowdfunding Campaign was set up last year to help cover her medical expenses and in just few weeks over $27,000 were raised.

Despite her disorder, Virsaviya is full of life and energy. Her Mother takes amazing care of her and their love shines through.

“I know why I have heart outside, because Jesus want to show that he can make special things like me,” says Virsaviya.

Watch her story below:

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